Pre-operative Instruction and Strengthening

Pre-operative instruction and strengthening will assist in the period immediately after your surgery  and will often  improve the post-operative progress you will make.

Pre-operative instruction and strengtheningEnhancing range of movement or strengthening muscles  prior to surgery can greatly improve the post-operative achievement.

Receiving pre-operative instruction regarding what to expect after your surgery and what you can do in the immediate post-operative period can greatly enhance your progress.  As can undergoing a pre-operative strengthening and mobility regime. This is true especially in the cases of orthopaedic and spinal surgery.

An excellent example is that improving how far you can bend your knee prior to a Total Knee Replacement can make for a better post-operative range of knee bending.

To wake up from your surgery knowing exactly which muscles to activate as soon as possible, even sometimes before your anaesthetic has completely worn off,  can help the brain to implement the activity before inhibition sets in, improving muscle memory and enabling an earlier return to functional movement.

At times you will be instructed on what not to do in the lead-up to your surgery or in the early post-operative period to help to prevent problems from occurring.

A well-informed and prepared  patient will have an improved outcome from their surgery.

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