Restore Program and Body Correct Program

Our Restore Program and Body Correct Program  are intensive corrective programs unique to Waverley Physiotherapy.

Middle age stretchingThe Body Correct Program is designed to improve posture and alignment in all ages.

The Restore Program reduces stiffness in the not so young to make movement easier.

The Body Correct Program

Waverley Physio’s  Body Correct Program assesses postural and alignment faults which prevent your body from moving optimally. We identify the key areas to correct so that you walk more upright, stronger and better balanced. Less strain reduces wear and tear so your body can look and feel younger!

Improved alignment reduces the loading on joint surfaces so that there are fewer abnormal forces loading onto joints and soft tissues. Movement becomes more comfortable and less jarring.

The Body Correct Program is designed for all ages, whether a teenager or a baby boomer! Modern lifestyles, faulty habits and poor furniture design all contribute to having a negative effect on how we carry and use our bodies.

For example, wearing thongs excessively can alter foot mechanics  and  contribute to  foot, knee, hip and back issues as the muscles in the foot designed to give us a spring in our step stop working efficiently.

Slumping over computers can weaken our back and abdominal muscles as well as the muscles that hold our shoulders in place leading to round-shouldered postures and a weakened core.  This is turn predisposes people to suffering strains and pains.

There are numerous situations that I see that cause gradual changes in posture and alignment that often go unnoticed until a problem emerges. Many painful knees, feet, hip, back and shoulder problems could have been avoided by attention being paid to correct alignment faults.

Body Correct for  better walking,  better alignment,  better function and  better aging.  

It’s easier than you think!

The Restore Program

For the Baby Boomers and older and those starting to feel a little stiff,  Waverley Physio’s The Restore Program involves hands-on mobilisation of the relevant joints that have stiffened over time due to misuse or non-use so that the joints move more freely and ultimately more comfortably. Tight muscles and soft tissues are stretched  and muscles that have weakened over time are encouraged to strengthen.

This program is especially beneficial for those whose neck, shoulder and back joints no longer move as they should.  It will reduce the load and tension on  joints and make movement easier and more free. Ideally, this will slow down the aging process of joint degeneration and contribute to a healthier and more active you, enabling many to return to  a more active lifestyle.

The overall benefit of the Restore Program is that you will be able to move more easily and comfortably, with better range of movement, better strength and better balance.

Restore Program for regaining lost movement and agility and slowing down the aging process.

Who was it that said you are only as old as you feel?

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