Sports Injuries

Waverley Physiotherapy treats soft tissue and sports injuries to get you back to your sport as quickly and safely as possible.

Sports injuriesYou will also be assessed to determine if there may be issues with your technique or if you may have underlying imbalances which may be contributing to strains and pain.

It is all too easy to strain a joint or muscle when all we are trying to do is be fitter and stronger!

Accidents happen, maybe due to a lapse in concentration, poor technique or an underlying imbalance and we end up in pain and even worse, with a disability.

Your injury will be appropriately treated to enhance tissue repair and you will be prescribed a graduated return to exercise program to enable a strong and safe return to activity.  Advice will also be given regarding your existing exercise programs or routines.

An appropriate functional assessment will be performed to determine if there are any factors which need to be corrected to enable you to return to your chosen sporting activity safely.

A better dynamic will enable you to perform more efficiently and with less risk of sports injuries.

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