Spinal Pain and Stiffness

Waverley Physiotherapy is expert in treating spinal pain and stiffness affecting the neck and back.

Spinal pain and stiffnessYou will be assessed to determine the cause of your spinal pain and treated for joint stiffness, muscle tightness and imbalances which may be affecting the ability of your body to move and function optimally.

Back and neck pain are unfortunately very common complaints and can be very debilitating. Sometimes you might seem to ‘move the wrong way’ and feel ‘something go’ or you may notice that pain gradually creeps up on you until it becomes very painful to do the things you normally do.

In many cases there will be underlying stiffness and muscle imbalances which have  insidiously developed without you being aware and which cause abnormal loading of pain sensitive structures of the body, perhaps the joint surfaces, the surrounding ligaments or muscles.

You will be treated to reduce your discomfort, to encourage healing and to reduce the load on the injured area as it repairs. In addition you will usually be prescribed appropriate exercises and/or stretches to help to better align your body and to improve the dynamics of how your body moves.

Your course of treatment also addresses issues such as postural imbalances so that recurrences of many problems are less likely to occur.

You will be assessed for

  • what is causing your pain
  • how you usually hold your body
  • how you hold your body when in certain positions or during certain tasks
  • muscle strength and muscles imbalances
  • any body anomalies or deformities you may have which influence how you move

And, you will be given practical advice to minimise strain and pain.

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