Waverley Physiotherapy can custom mould soft pre-formed orthotics to correct foot alignment problems when required.

orthoticsPoor foot alignment can not only cause foot pain but also cause other joints to suffer, especially the knees, hips and lower back.

Orthotics work to correct foot alignment problems by effectively bringing the ground up to your feet instead of your feet sagging down onto the ground. Better alignment allows the load of the body on your feet to be distributed onto the correct structures to minimise overload and strain. Did you know that with every step you take, that a force equal to your body weight comes back up from the ground to be absorbed by your joints?

Correcting foot alignment reduces overload on other joints as well as those in the foot.  Ankles, knees, hips and spinal joints all absorb some of the load transmitted from the feet as we stand and walk. Soft tissues also suffer less strain when your feet aren’t rolling in.  Hip bursitis, for example, can be helped by correcting foot alignment.

At Waverley Physiotherapy  Leanne will not only provide customised orthotics but will also diagnose which muscles are not doing their job of providing support and help you to retrain those muscles too weak to  support your joints and body weight.

In some cases we find that an exercise regime alone is sufficient to correct some common foot problems.

Better aligned feet allow for better aligned bodies.

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