Post-operative Rehabilitation

Post-operative rehabilitation is necessary after many orthopaedic and spinal operations. Waverley Physiotherapy helps you to maximise the benefits of the surgery.


Post-operative rehabilitationWe assist you to restore strength, range of movement and balance to get you functioning optimally as well as helping to enhance the healing process.

Post-operative rehabilitation benefits those who have had a total knee replacement, a knee reconstruction, shoulder arthroplasty or a hip replacement, to name just a few,

Pain, swelling and protective inhibition of muscles make it difficult for the patient to re-commence proper movement.  The human body generally tries to protect itself from pain and this can contribute to poor results  developing  following surgery. The brain can learn faulty habits which can be difficult to break.

Added to this, there are some instances where the surgeon restricts certain movements in the early stages of rehabilitation  to protect the operated tissues from being strained. This lack of movement usually results in some joint stiffness and tightness of muscles.

At Waverley Physiotherapy we assist you in the healing process, where necessary,  and help you  to regain the full potential of movement as well as guiding you in a tailored exercise regime to strengthen weakened muscles.

At Waverley Physiotherapy we help you to get the best result from your surgery.

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