Muscle Strains and Joint Pain

Muscle strains and joint pain  including knee pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, foot and ankle pain can all benefit from treatment.

muscle strains and joint painWe aim to not only treat the problem but to correct the imbalances which may have contributed to the problem occurring and to help to minimise the risk of recurrences.

The human body is beautifully designed, however, the demands of modern life often cause pain and disability. We no longer work our bodies with the same balance that many of our ancestors did.

The technological age has for certain introduced us to some very poor postures in which we fail to engage the muscles that are there to support us, as well as to over-burden many muscles that are not designed to be subjected to constant or heavy loads. Then throw into the mix that we can be creatures of habit and that not all of our habits are good for our bodies!

We sit in chairs or cars for hours, go to gyms and work our bodies hard or play sports that put our bodies at risk. And sometimes we simply do something that we don’t normally do and end up with a strained muscle or joint.

Our furniture isn’t very well designed and we so often slouch about without any cares about how we are treating our bodies. Well, that is, until something goes wrong, perhaps a pain in the neck or back, or a sore shoulder or knee, even a sore big toe!

Waverley Physiotherapy  treats the muscular and bony components that have suffered from strain and/or injury and helps you to return to a better way of using your body and thereby reducing abnormal loading on the muscles and joints. You will have your problem explained to you and be given advice on how to correct faulty dynamics and how to reduce strain on certain parts of your body, especially during the healing process but also for the long-term care of your body.

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