Workplace Strains and Ergonomic Assessments

Workplace strains can occur when poor habits and work postures prevent the body from performing optimally and allow overloading onto joints and soft tissues not designed for that amount of load.

An ergonomic assessment includes teaching you how to work your body more efficiently for less strain and pain.

workplace strains

Ergonomic dysfunction can cause a lot of pain and strain by placing unnecessary loads on soft tissues and joints not designed to be subjected to such forces. Headaches, neck pain, shoulder pain and back pain are common conditions resulting from using our bodies poorly as we work.

We assess you and advise corrections to optimise your body’s ability to perform your job or hobby well whilst protecting your joints and muscles from unnecessary strains.

It is a sign of the times that many people suffer from problems due to using their bodies poorly.  And not only do many people not use their bodies well, many have weak muscles trying to hold our bodies in certain positions for sometimes hours at a time. Sooner or later that nagging neck or back ache may worsen, or your headaches may become stronger or more frequent.

Much of our furniture is badly designed and then we add our less than optimal postures.

And many people have no idea how their bodies should be positioned.   For many, what feels to be normal is anything but, however, your brain accepts that what you do most of the time is ‘normal’.

Nor do many understand that not using and supporting your body well will most likely start to cause problems by straining the muscles, ligaments or joints that are being over-worked. Especially so when you are distracted doing your activity for prolonged periods of time.

A well-balanced body functions with the minimum of strain and protects your muscles, ligaments and joints whilst keeping your muscles of support strong.

Waverley Physiotherapy is happy to perform small business office ergonomic assessments to better protect workers from unnecessary strains.

Just as in real estate it’s all about position, position, position!

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