Dance Injuries and Assessments

Dance injuries are common as dance routines and practise are often strenuous and require a strong and well-balanced body.

dance injuriesWe treat dance-induced injuries and pain. Waverley Physiotherapy also performs Pre-Pointé Assessments to prepare dancers for the rigours of pointé work.

Dance requires a strong body, good balance and  good communication between the brain and the body to allow for optimal control during the vigorous routines that dance involves. Dancers can spend many hours a week engaging in movements that are strenuous and demanding.

Unfortunately poor habits can creep in and sometimes go unnoticed until such time as they begin to cause pain. Or poor technique may go unchecked. Body changes around puberty may change the dynamic of how the body moves and affect the balance of movement.

Injuries and strains often occur when certain joints or muscles of the body are not functioning ideally.  At Waverley Physio we treat the problem that you present with and also assess you biomechanically to determine the areas of your body which require correction.

Waverley Physiotherapy performs Pre-Pointé Assessments to determine a dancer’s readiness for beginning Pointé work. Please make sure that you tell us that you are booking a Pre-Pointé Assessment when  making your appointment.

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