Headaches are a common problem troubling many people and are often caused by poor posture involving the upper spine and the jaw.

HeadachesWe address the tight joints and muscles that increase the load and tension on pain-sensitive areas and that may be reducing the blood flow to the scalp and brain.

Headache pain can be awful and quite debilitating.

At Waverley Physiotherapy you will be assessed to determine if there is a musculo-skeletal component to your headaches.

Very often the source of the headache is found to be in the cervical spine, the surrounding muscles and ligaments and sometimes the jaw.  Faulty alignment, tension and stress, jaw clenching and tooth grinding all place excessive forces onto these structures causing inflammation and pain.

Treatment at Waverley Physiotherapy aims to reduce your headaches by improving how your neck joints and muscles function, aiming for optimal positioning and reducing overload.  You will be provided with self-treatment options that can also help to minimise the frequency and severity of some headaches.

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